Saturday, July 7, 2012

Looking Forward to 2012 Score Football Cards!

Football season is great, the action on Sunday and Monday night (and often Thursday night too) is very exciting. If you play fantasy sports or bet on the games, it can add even more excitement.

In 2010 I recommended Score Football to collectors because it had a really cool mix of serial numbered parallel cards. In 2011 they pretty much took all the serial numbers away, so I didn't buy as many packs as I normally would.

Fast forward to this season and looks like in 2012 Score Football, there is some serial ## parallel cards + they have added Printing Plates of all 400 base cards. I'll certainly try a few packs because they are only usually about $1.00 each.

My favorite team (the Bengals) have 1 rookie in the 'rookie premiere' group of players that will have autographs. Mohamed Sanu should get plenty of playing time this season for us - and with all the focus on Andrew Luck, Robert Griffin III and other 1st round picks ... many Bengals' coaches and players have been impressed with Sanu's maturity. I think he is worth holding onto if you get his cards early in the season, as they don't sell for very much money. The Bengals don't really have any proven WR outside last years rookie A.J. Green, so holding onto your Sanu cards for now is my best advice.

Anyway, back to 2012 Score - I think this will be a solid set, and is essentially Panini's version of "Topps Series 1" for baseball. It'd actually be cool if companies released more sets in series like they do in Baseball, but for some reason football never really does that anymore. Score football could easily have an 'update' or 'traded/rookies' set like they used to have. I remember Score Select was even a cool set that was a more expensive version of Score. Either way, this is a cool set to give to young collectors because most of the base cards aren't worth too much ... but you do have a good chance at getting an insert card or parallel card that might be worth some money.

Once this set comes out and I open some packs, I'll posts some of the cards in the "Card of the Day" segment. Good luck if you open any of this, and if you get any of the Bengals RC's and want to trade - let me know in the comments!

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