Monday, July 2, 2012

2011 Topps Platinum Vernon Davis Base Card #147

I remember when Vernon Davis was a rookie, it was the same year I opened a card store and his RC cards were always popular with collectors. I remember having one of his Exquisite rookies, but sold that along with all the other cards I've had of his over the years.

I do pickup packs and usually blaster boxes at retail places throughout the year of interesting products or things on sale. I'm sure that's how I came across this 2011 Topps Platinum base card of Vernon Davis. Like wine, Davis' game has gotten better as he has been in the league. Having Alex Smith play better and the addition of head coach Jim Harbaugh all seems to have helped Vernon Davis play even better.

This card is really nice, and the parallel cards that this set has are always interesting to track down. Topps should have cards with real platinum in them like Panini has real gold cards ... but I guess platinum is really expensive. Each card has that refractor like sheen to it, and just by touching this card a bit I see my fingerprints on the front ... so you'll want to be careful handling cards from this set.

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