Wednesday, August 1, 2012

2012 National Sports Collectors Convention Day 1 Notes

The 2012 National Sports Collector Convention kicked off today in Baltimore Maryland today ... which was essentially a sneak preview day where eager collectors could get in on the show floor. A lot of the main fun begins later in the week when the big-name athletes come in to sign autographs and companies do promotions for products with wrapper redemptions.

Some of the interesting things I saw were the Bowman Platinum wrapper redemptions were limited to just 100 sets each day, making those one of the hottest items at the National. Collectors will be lined up at the doors early in order to get these sets on the coming days.

DA card world tweeted photos of at least three Penske semi trucks that were rolling to the national in the wee hours of the morning, that's a lot of product that they brought to the card show. Another interesting tidbit is I found while listening to my brother Ryan on Freedom CardBoards live stream. Freedom Cardboard owns a hobby store in Georgia and he noted that you need lots of space to host gaming tournaments, and he is upgraded to a of 4,000 square-foot store.

Here are links to blogs, photo albums and more from day #1 at the NSCC