Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Update About Sports Card Radio Being Down

I just want to start by saying thank you - I have been overwhelmed by the number of people that have contacted me the last 2 days about our site being down. We have been working almost non-stop with server administrators to solve the issues that caused many Joomla sites to go off-line recently. I have many websites, and this is the one that takes the longest to restore if something goes wrong (so of course it's the one that goes down :) Anyway, we will be back up soon. We will be making a few template changes shortly that actually might make using the site better - especially on mobile phones/devices ... since we set this site up before those were really popular.

Thanks again, long story short - things are good - we have tons of backups on this site, so nothing is ever in risk of being lost forever. However, due to the size of the website it takes a long time to restore it back to an original state.

I want to thank everyone for contacting me, I honestly have been humbled by all the comments I have received.

Colin, Ryan and the Sports Card Radio Family

Our Site Is Down - But We Will Be Back Soon

Thank you to everyone that has contacted me over the last 2 days about our site being unavailable. The hackers must not like baseball cards!!! :) Actually, we use free software to run our site called Joomla and it often gets attacked because the source code is available to anyone. We are currently just waiting for files to upload to the server, which can take many hours. We will  be back soon! Thanks so much!