Saturday, October 31, 2009

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Monday, October 26, 2009

Sport Card Radio's Group Freeroll Box Break

Today was mail day for Sports Card Radio. We are going to have a FREE box break for our loyal SCR Forum members. Signing up for teams is too late. :(  But more free breaks will be in the works for the future. Check out Sports Card Radio's Forum for more details.

Here is the box we are breaking! 2006 Playoff Absolute Memorabilia Football. Good luck to everyone! Break will be done at some point this week! Check the forum and our You Tube Page on Sports Card Radio.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

2009 Top 50 Topps Allen Ginter Baseball Sports Card Auctions

2009 Topps Allen and Ginter Baseball has some of the most expensive cards for a modern baseball card set.

I was surfing around eBay the other night and came across the Napoleon Hair DNA Card with a huge Buy-it-Now on it. Made me want to see what other cards might be selling for that kind of money.

Visit our Top 50 Topps Allen & Ginter Baseball Card Auctions page at Sports Card Radio

Some cool cards even if your not a baseball fan. I'm a fan of the Napoleon and the Van Gogh...which ones do you guys like?

NFL Week 7 Matchups

New England Patriots
Tampa Bay Bucks

Gotta go with the Pats. They looked unreal last week, should be a blowout.

Green Bay Packers
Cleveland Browns

The Browns actually played the Steelers tough last week. I'm picking Cleveland with the upset.

SF 49ers
Houston Texans

San Francisco doesn't have the offense to keep up with Houston. Texans by 14

Minnesota Vikings
Pittsburgh Steelers

Minnesota has won some games they probably shouldn't. The steel curtain comes down on them this week. Pittsburgh by 6.

Indianapolis Colts
St. Louis Rams

Colts in a blowout.

San Diego Chargers
Kansas City Chiefs

I'm going SD. The Chiefs really aren't too bad, this one could go either way.

Buffalo Bills
Carolina Panthers

Wouldn't watch this game if you paid me. Picking Carolina if they stick to the run.

New York Jets
Oakland Raiders

The more drama, the more the Raiders win. Just win baby...two in a row for Oakland.

Atlanta Falcons
Dallas Cowboys

Tony Romo was playing better when Jessica Simpson was his girlfriend. This week he'll rekindle some of that old magic and beat the Falcons in a shootout.

Chicago Bears
Cinncinatti Bengals

Of course I pick the Bengals. But this game will come down to turnovers.

New Orleans Saints
Miami Dolphins

Gotta go with NO but this one could be close. Miami is kinda sneaky and they are running the ball well. Drew Brees and the Saints running game will be too much to handle.

Arizona Cardinals
New York Giants

New York got roughed up last week. I think they come home and play like a championship caliber team this week. Ahmad Bradshaw has been playing very well.

Philadelphia Eagles
Washington Redskins

Well, the Skins coach at least knows he has a job. The Eagles are embarrassed after last week. Tough game to pick. I think the Eagles bounce back and pull this one out.

Have fun watching the games!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Tyreke Evans

Been listening to the local Sacramento Radio Station KHTK 1140AM all day.  Now I know they are supposed to hype up the local team. But here are the terms used to describe rookie point guard Tyreke Evans throughout the course of the day.
  • Could be the next Chris Paul.
  • Could be the next Dwayne Wade.
  • Will be an All-Star in his first three seasons in the league.
  • Will win Rookie of the Year. 
  • Could be a Superstar in the league.
Call me a skeptic. I watched the guy play a little bit in Memphis. He is a good player. Takes the ball to the rack. Can score in traffic.  C'mon though. Dwayne Wade? Chris Paul?  I remember watching Wade at Marquette and was blown away. I didn't see much of Paul in college, but I've seen him quite a bit in the NBA and everyone knows what type of skills he has. I wouldn't, at this point, put Tyreke in that class.

Sacramento will try to run this guy at point guard. To me, that is a big mistake. Kind of like when Golden State tried to make Monte Ellis a PG. Didn't work. The Kings don't have a whole lot of three-point shooters, meaning less opportunity for Tyreke to drive and kick out to the open guy.  With Evans trying to be a 'true pg' it might hurt the strength of his game, which is taking it strong to the rack.

What are your thoughts on Mr. Evans?  I will note that I am a huge Lakers fan and will take every opportunity to take swipes at Kings players. So maybe I am missing something here.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Freeroll, Box Break Videos, & Ted Williams Card Stolen

  • Listen in on Saturday for the announcement of Sports Card Radio's Football Freeroll Box Break. Teams are still available.  Check out this section of the message board for details on how to sign up! 
  • Speaking of box breaks. We'll be uploading a bunch of popular youtube breaks on the website over the next few days.  Post your suggestions in the comments section and get an extra point in the McGahee Jersey Card Contest! Then go check out the breaks here
  • Police in Farmington, New York need the public's help finding a stolen 1954 Wilson Franks Ted Williams PSA 4.  The card was jacked at a hotel on or around Oct. 4. Call Investigator Mark Eifert (585) 398-4121 with any information.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Get Interviewed On Sports Card Radio

I am looking for Sports Trading Card collectors young and old to interview on a future podcast. Post in the comments below why you would make a good interview.

The best responses will be interviewed on The Sports Card Show Podcast

You are free to promote anything you have going on as well. Dealers, Card Shop Owners, eBay Sellers...feel free to state your case!!!

It will be a 15-20 min interview over the phone.

Here is the Fan Forum Entry if your a member already.


Sunday, October 18, 2009

Exclusive Halloween SCR Blog Contest

Trick or Treat!!! The month of October is almost over and we are giving away a sweet jersey card!!!

Prize: 2008 Donruss Gridiron Gear Willis McGahee Jersey Card
Serial #94/100
Willis has been popping this year even with Ray Rice in the backfield.

How You Win: The person with the most Comments On Our Official Blog will win this card. Contest ends Midnight October 31st.

Keep checking back for daily updates and news from the sports trading card world!


Show #39 eBay vs Card Shops + Product Reviews + News

The latest show of The Sports Card Show Podcast is up over at

For the complete show notes and streaming & download links  Click Here

This week we talk about buying cards on eBay vs Sports Card Shops

The latest hobby news and information + Product Previews and Reviews

Visit our Fan Forum to suggest show ideas and interact with other fans of the Sports Card Show Podcast.

2009/10 Upper Deck Exquisite Basketball Box Breaks

Upper Deck announced that this years 09/10 UD Exquisite Basketball will be the last set in the series. In only a short period of time (03/04 First Issue) Upper Deck Exquisite Basketball has made a huge impact on the hobby world. Its sad to see such a great set that was highly anticipated by basketball collectors each season.

It will be interesting to see what premium sets that Panini decides to roll out this year for basketball. The high end product does have a place in the market both at the box level and the single card market so I anticipate that they will take advantage of this. Either way it will be tough for them to match Upper Deck Exquisite Basketball's reign as the high-end product of choice for basketball fans.

Check out some of the final 2009/2010 UD Exquisite Basketball
YouTube Videos I put together over at Sports Card Radio

We also talked a bit about the end of UD Exquisite Basketball during:
Show #38 of The Sports Card Show Podcast

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Friday, October 16, 2009

Pack Day, SP Threads, & Hobby Interview.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Around the Sports Card World 10/15/2009

  • A big day for Collectibles4Baseball, they sign with Steiner Sports, who will authenticate all the autographs on their website.
  • Nick Tylwalk, over at The Cardboard Connection picks his top-6 Michael Jordan Basketball Card Autographs.
  • Thought you had to be a star athlete to get your face on a trading card?  Think again. Check out these pictures from Penn State's website.They call them Penn State Faculty Trading Cards.
  • Ken Karrson, a writer for the NWI Times (Northwest Indiana) muses on Topps choice to go twitter.
  • Paul Angilly, columnist for The Bristol Press (CT), likes what he sees from the preview of 2010 Topps Baseball.  
  • An interesting reader question from a Redding Blog regarding Bowman Baseball's 1990 Insert set. Complete with quotes from the guy who created the images.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Hobby News, Notes, & Information For 10/14/2009

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Baseball Card News for 10/13/2009

Baseball Card Rookie Logo Rule

In 2006, the Major League Players Association (MLBPA) created new rules in regards to what baseball cards would be considered a "Rookie Card".  Prior to 2006, it was fair game for card companies to make a card of a player not on a Major League 40 man roster. Or more simply put, a guy in the minor leagues. The new rule now prohibits a card being deemed a "Rookie Card" unless the player is on the 40 man roster. Popular sets such as Bowman Chrome Draft, Just Minors, and USA Baseball still can make cards of minor league players, but these cards are no longer, in the eyes of the MLBPA, considered Rookie Cards.

The intent of the MLBPA was to lessen the confusion over what cards were considered rookies.  I believe they have missed the mark for several reasons.

Take a look at a list of Evan Longoria Rookies. Notice that he has cards issued in both 2006 and 2008.  If you have an Evan Longoria 2006 Bowman Chrome Gold Refractor Autograph that card is considered an 'insert'.  Not a Rookie Card. I have to scratch my head as to why the MLB would not want to capitalize on the hype surrounding new players.  Imagine if Upper Deck and Topps could create Rookie Cards for signed draft picks. The buzz around, say, a National Treasures Steven Strasburg would be huge.

Another example as to why it hurts collecting is the fact that most players do not get put on the 40 Man Roster for many years after signing with a MLB Club.  Some never make it at all. Collecting Rookies in other sports is very simple. If you know the year a player was drafted, then 99.9% of the time his Rookie Card is going to be from that year. Now with the new MLPA rule, you'll have to know what year a player was called up to the 40 Man Roster in order to know what year his Rookie Cards are in. Tim Beckham, the number 1 pick in the 2008 MLB draft, is going to have a different year for his Rookie Card, then the number 5 pick, Buster Posey. All because Posey made it to the 40 Man Roster during 2009, and Beckham did not. That to me is very confusing.

At what time a player is called up to the 40 Man Roster is up to his team. Often times, it is late in the season when rosters expand and teams can carry more players on their bench.  This creates a very difficult situation for card companies who now have to scramble to issue cards during a players first year of service. Buster Posey was called up to the San Francisco Giants 40 Man Roster in September 2009. Meaning only products that came out after that date could issue Posey Rookie Cards for that year. Many great sets missed out on the chance to have a 2009 Rookie Card of Posey simply because he made the 40 Man Roster after the set had already hit the shelves.

The MLBPA was attempting to make collecting Baseball Rookies more simple. Instead, they made it a whole lot more confusing.

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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Getting Sports Card Shop Owners To Cut Deals

A loyal listener asked a good question over at the Sports Card Radio Fan Forum. Basically he asked why sports card shop owners tend to low ball you for single cards?

I know where both my listener and the card shop owner are coming from being that I've filled both shoes during my lifetime. As a collector when we pull a nice card it would be nice to turn around and sell it or trade it for top dollar even if it isn't in the price guide at that moment. As a card shop owner, unless its a once in a lifetime type pull, chances are its just another card sitting in the cabinet. Knowing you'll see the same card or similar card again later in the week makes it far less valuable to the card shop owner who is exposed to "hits" or really nice trading cards most of the day.

In short, they tend to try to buy things at costs lower than eBay. Given that it'll run you about 15% off the top (or more) to sell your card on eBay, they'll factor that in to their offer price. Lots of people come into card shops knowing very little about the cards they have let alone selling them on eBay - so sports card shop owners offer them whatever they think they might take (I always said $5.00 dollars)

That being said...if you are a good customer and you come back often, the shop owner probably will deal with you differently. The best thing to do is not try to get cash for your cards unless your dealer promotes that they "buy" cards. The better thing to do is try and swap for some other single cards or packs/boxes that you would want. If he is smart he'll drop his markup a little and you can get a nice deal on something else you may like. Heck, if the singles have been sitting around for a while, I always liked to trade for something fresh and it ends up working out for both the customer and the shop owner.

Get to know your shop owner...see if they are even interested in collecting cards (some aren't) but if they are, they will pay more for stuff they collect. Every sports card collector has a soft spot for a team or player. Even the hardened shop owner will pay a little more for that special piece. On the same side of the coin, shop owners tend to hate players or products too, and if you know which ones they don't like...shoot for those for the best deals.

Check out show #38 of The Sports Card Show Podcast for more information on dealing with shop owners.

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