Sunday, July 8, 2012

2010 Topps Hertigate Johan Santana Base Card #231

Just a short time ago Johan Santana became the first New York Mets pitcher to throw no-hitter. It looks like on the back of this 2010 Topps Heritage baseball card that Santana came very close to throwing a no-hitter many times before. It says on the back of the card he allowed 2 or fewer hits in 23 starts during his career (as of 2010). So it really didn't come as much surprise to Mets fans that Santana threw a no-hitter ... they probably were just surprised it took so long. Johan has been a dominant pitcher almost since he first broke into the major leagues with the Minnesota Twins over 12 years ago.

These Topps Heritage cards are pretty neat and they show why Topps has always been one of the most popular sets to collect in any sport. The old designs are familiar with collectors young and old ... plus with new players on on them, it makes the old designs even more fresh. Santana has many baseball cards, and even has many Topps Heritage cards, but they all got some well deserved attention after his no-hitter a few weeks ago.

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