Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Exclusive Licenses - Helped or Hurt Sports Trading Cards?

The use of the term 'Exclusive License' is used loosely here, however the fact that sports card releases have been trimmed down in relation to years past is something worth taking a look at.

Collectors & Hobby Store Owners/Sellers often urged companies to release less products throughout the calendar year because it was just too many cards for the market of collectors to handle. It took several years for the higher ups in the licensing departments to listen - but they honestly did. They often mentioned reducing confusion and the number of cards released in a season was a deciding factor in giving licensees to less companies (and constraining them to the number of releases unlike years past).

Baseball (or the MLB) seems to have a pretty tight grip on its exclusive license. For the most part, Topps is the only game in town - despite some nice efforts from Panini (Donruss EEE) and others trying to make an impact. You get the feeling that getting the MLB license is like getting the government contract to print money.

For the most part, baseball card collecting defines the hobby. Just recently I was having a conversation with a very well educated man who didn't even know there were cards other than Baseball Cards (seems like the other sports could do some marketing too). Its a sport that is rich with rookies and prospects who are brewing in the Minor Leagues. The fact that people from around the country can often catch a Minor League baseball game for less than $10 and watch the prospects of their favorite team up close and personal is a big reason why baseball cards are highly collected. A few years ago I saw Madison Bumgarner and Buster Posey play baseball 3 miles from my house - I can't often say that about Football or Basketball.

The number of releases in terms of sets (ie: Bowman, Bowman Chrome, Topps Heritage, Finest) has been cut back because Upper Deck and others can't have 15+ releases. Topps really only eliminated a handful - off the top of my head Turkey Red, Heritage High Numbers, and some others. Seems like the printer was on full blast after a non-autograph Stephen Strasburg Superfractor "RC" (2 years after he's had Upper Deck USA cards) sold for $16,000+.

Even after Stephen Strasburg got hurt, non-chrome 2010 Bowman Boxes still sell at incredible prices and the coming of Bryce Harper will help put a new face on 2011 products. Also, the fact that Topps has Mickey Mantle, Babe Ruth and a portfolio of card designs to always go back and re-print - seems like a pretty simple business. However, quality control issues (dusty Bowman Chrome Cards, Miss-Cut/Damage Cards) and product errors (Stephen Strasburg Allen & Ginter Mini, Bryce Harper Redemption not inserted into Bowman Chrome) have tainted what overall was a remarkable year for baseball cards. Not to mention the printer seems to be stuck 'on' for sets like Topps Chrome, Bowman Chrome and the Target/Wal-Mart money making non-premium sets.

Overall, I think the exclusive license helped increase prices for product across the board - and there is room for improvement and growth. What a 'rookie card' is still really cloudy and no one (Topps, MLB or the Pricing Guides) really wants to clarify the mess that they tried to clean up years ago.


We are about a year and some change when the NBA went with Panini to make the only licensed basketball cards. The challenges to win over collectors and make NBA cards more collectible/popular are still present. Michael Jordan and LeBron James are in the top 5 most collected (and highest value) basketball players of all time, and neither can have autographs in Panini (LeBron has Jersey Cards). If/when one of those two players can 'sign' with Panini - Upper Deck will still have a major presence in the basketball card market, despite only having a limited number of releases planned for the 2010/11 season. Panini relies mostly on Kobe Bryant and a handful of NBA players that sign for them. The product rely heavily on the rookies that come into the NBA as well. Unfortunately Blake Griffin was hurt in 2009/10 and that really hurt the sales of the product despite the strong play from Tyreke Evans, Brandon Jennings and many others. On top of that, the NBA is a tough league to break into and make a huge impact in the hobby ie: Stephen Strasburg or even a Tim Tebow.

That's the bad news.

Good news is that Blake is back and its giving a boost to the inventory of 09/10 product (which really helps sellers who have been sitting on it for a while). You also have a guy named Wes (Wesley) Matthews who could make some noise this season with autographs in several 09/10 Panini sets. The rookie cards in general will help sell the products even a few years after the release - as it usually takes some time for NBA talent to truly develop. Panini also seemed to listen to collectors and provided a few more on-card autographs (less stickers) in 2010/11 products.

Good news is there is lots of room to improve too:
Going forward, basketball is a global game that is very popular in other countries, in particular China and many parts of Europe. If something could ever be done about importing/exporting to sellers in those countries (to keep prices down) they would buy more cards. The NBA Playoffs have been very competitive and enjoyable to watch (despite the Lakers/Celtics winning most of the titles). If the NBA could eliminate or modify the very lucrative guaranteed contracts that each player has - the play during the 82 game schedule will become better. That will also impact cards because it will give the teams/coaches the ability to give opportunities to more players ... giving the NBA the Football and Baseball 'prospecting' aspect that it lacks now.

The products lack autographs of key players that are worth lots of money, including Kevin Durant, LeBron James, and Michael Jordan - if that changes, basketball cards will become much more collectible going forward. In general I think the exclusive license has helped clarify the NBA card market. Releases are spread out over several weeks (for the most part) - so it does help with collecting. Panini is still a 'young' company in terms of making Basketball cards, so it will be interesting to see how they address the challenges going forward.


Football has the double license - so it doesn't really fall into our 'exclusive license' category. Upper Deck has had success using players in College Uniforms in only a handful of planned 2010 sets, so its almost like you have 3 choices to choose from.

Lets start with the bad:
Topps Football is pretty much Topps Baseball with Football players.
Panini football seems to never really blow anyone out of the water - so getting momentum set to set is still something they are working on.
Both seem to lack fresh players being added to checklists/player pools including Michael Vick, Arian Foster and Chris Ivory ... the current 'hot players' are rarely added to sets.

For the most part with both companies products, you get a 'player worn' material jersey card and an autograph from a rookie that was purchased at the same event. I can't believe that its that hard to get more veteran players like Tom Brady, Brett Favre, Peyton Manning, Chris Johnson, Drew Brees, Michael Vick, DeSean Jackson, Arian Foster + MANY more NFL stars. All you get in today's NFL product is a chance to get 1 of the 35 rookies that showed up at the photo shoot months ago. Collectors should be seeing more Joe Montana, Emmitt Smith, Troy Aikman, Jerry Rice, and Barry Sanders autographs than they do now. Why does it seem that Walter Payton & Vince Lombardi cut autographs seem way more rare these days than Babe Ruth and Mickey Mantle? Seems like every Topps Baseball set has something from someone dead - why not football? (no offense to the fallen legends) What ever happen to the super deep autograph checklists from Contenders or even Topps? The lack of variety actually encourages people to collect less cards - because they have all the guys from 2010 by the 3rd product that comes out.

The Good:
Football still has big draft classes every season, with someone(s) that drive card sales. They also have guys in later rounds like Chris Ivory, and guys that emerge as stars in years 2, 3 and beyond. Football will be fine, and football cards will be good. Just wish they utilized all the talent and possibilities like they seem to have done in the past.

In general, I think football cards have gotten worse in terms of years past. Not sure if its that much more money to get a retired legend that didn't make multiple millions to sign cards - guess it is. Really it comes down to it being easy to get 35 rookies in Los Angeles at an event coordinated by the NFL, instead of calling Tom Brady's agent and getting 500 cards signed - I understand that. Hopefully collectors make enough noise to let these companies know that getting a 1:35 chance at a top rookie in every box is cool - but you're icing out the current and former NFL players that fans have spent years following and developing a personal relationship with. Those are the players people 'collect' - just like baseball.

The industry asked for less product from companies and the leagues responded by giving out less licenses. Overall, I think its helped put less strain on the retailer that now has a clearer picture on what they should purchase during a giving year. The companies themselves seem open and willing to listen - but possibly the comfort of knowing you don't have competition knocking at your door each week with a new product has made them 'lazy' - throwing out sets that look the same from sport to sport - and checklists being the same group of players every time. Hopefully more time is spent developing sets and working in new configurations (24 Packs, 18 Packs, 10 Packs, 1 Pack) is all you see now at the Hobby Level. Keeping it 'fresh' is what Nike, Google, Apple and other top companies contently try to do - would be nice to see the sports card manufactures work on that now that they have exclusive licenses to make the cards we want to collect.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

4 Free Hobby Box Breaks - All This Week! Sports Card Radio

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2010 Topps Update Baseball
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Recently we've given away a Dwyane Wade Prime Jersey, Jason Heyward Bowman Chrome Blue Refractor, Toby Gerhart Crown Royale Autograph and many more cards. Get in on the fun - and check out some of the other threads we have on the forum. Hopefully we can pull some more good cards for the fans and listeners of the podcasts. Please take a moment to check out our sponsors who make all these possible!

Good Luck!!

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The Hobby Quick Take Call In Voicemail Phone 916-222-1116

Got something you want to get off your chest? Want to promote your favorite blog or players? Now is your chance to be heard.

Call: 916-222-1116  --- Leave us a message about the hobby up to 5 min long.

Your voice will be heard on a future podcast at www.sportscardfocus.com

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

New Podcast #65 & 2010/11 Panini Certified Hockey Box Break Contest

A little over a year & half has past since I setup the Sports Card Radio Fan Forum. 223 Members - 8,300 Posts and counting - its been a fun experience. The past two weeks have been extra exciting thanks to Panini America providing a box of 2010 Panini Absolute Football & now 2010/11 Panini Certified Hockey for the fans of Sports Card Radio to check out.

People Entered Here: Sports Card Radio Panini Certified Hockey Giveaway

Our Podcast is in its second year - and Sports Card Show #65 is our newest release. We talk about 2010 Just Minors Jersey Baseball + 2010/11 Score Hockey + 2010 Panini Crown Royale Football. Lots of great sets are on the Release Date Calendar - so expect more podcasts to come.


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Holiday Spending Spree On PreSale Boxes (Wish)

After taking a look at the upcoming products on the Release Date Calendar - I was thinking to myself how wonderful it would be to have a few thousand to spend on some boxes. Sure would heat up the winter even though its never too cold where I live.

For This Month - October - Here is what I would buy:
2010 Topps Chrome Football
2010 Topps Update & Highlights Baseball
2010 Just Minors Jersey Baseball
2010/11 Panini Limited Basketball

I love Just Minors Jersey baseball where you get an entire jersey signed - pretty cool idea - and they have been doing it for a while. Wish the 'bigger' companies would do something like that. I think Update & Highlights Baseball will be very cool this year - and a fun break if you bust boxes. I might actually open some packs of Limited Basketball and Topps Chrome Football if I can find them in town.

November would really be a large tab - some cool stuff this month.
2010 Upper Deck SPx Football
2010 Bowman Chrome Baseball
2010 Topps Triple Threads Football
2010/11 Panini Rookies & Stars Basketball
2010 Topps Unrivaled Football 
2010/11 Panini Threads Basketball
2010 Press Pass Five Star Racing

I've got to say. I watch Daytona every year and I know who Dale Jr and Jeff Gordon are ... but that's about it ... that being said I'd love to pop some Press Pass 5 Star Racing - looks cool. Lots of good football sets this month - if some key RC's play well going into this month - expect to pay big $$ for some of these sets.

December - Got to save some money for gifts, but I'll pretend the bankroll is unlimited.
2010 Topps UFC Knockout
2010 Topps Prime Football
2010/11 Panini Timeless Treasures Basketball
2010/11 Upper Deck SP Authentic Basketball
2010 Upper Deck World of Sports

December ends up being a cool month for some 'other' sports - like UFC Knockout is a nice looking premium UFC set. World of Sports has Tiger Woods, Micheal Jordan and many other athletes. I love basketball - and I think SP Authentic and Panini Timeless Treasures will be good bball products at the end of the year.

There are lots more sets than this ... these are just what I would choose. Topps Sterling and Bowman Sterling Baseball (among others) come out too - but I've never really got into baseball as much as football & basketball cards. If you've got a big budget, I would expect you will have lots of fun spending it in the coming months. If you are like me and have a small budget for cards - there will be lots of single cards flooding the market during/after this great run of releases, so there will be plenty to go after. Should be a fun winter for collectors ---- and best of luck to those that really do try their luck at a few of these boxes!!!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Panini's NBA Basketball Exclusive - Act 2

Well, its been about a year now since Panini was granted an exclusive reign over NBA licensed basketball trading cards and its time for year number 2 to get on its way.

Basketball cards never really got off the ground in 2009, and I would argue that it took Panini until after the regular season was over to come out with products that really caught the collectors eye. Crown Royale, Timeless Treasures, Court Kings, Hall of Fame, and National Treasures all came out essentially after everyone knew that Brandon Jennings, Stephen Curry, and Tyreke Evans were the only RC's worth anything. We'll see about Blake Griffin - but he really hurt the company early in the season because he was the RC case hit most of the time.

Given that it was Panini's '1st year' making NBA cards in 09/10 we saw a lot of Football carry-over designs and set makeups. 2010/11 looks to be the same ... but every company does this now. The autograph and jersey card player pool was and still is - extremely small. You get the feeling that Antawn Jamison and Baron Davis change jerseys a lot. More seasoned collectors complained of the over-saturation of sticker autos - however it seems Panini has responded - as more cards will feature on card signatures in 10/11 brands.

Panini did have some breakthroughs with athletes that must not have liked Upper Deck & Topps much. We've seen more Scottie Pippen, John Stockton and Robert Horry autographs than I remember seeing in the past. The use of cut autographs was utilized in a few sets, but I'd like to see a Wilt Chamberlain, Reggie Lewis, Len Bias and Drazen Petrovic down the road.

The exclusive deals across all sports have been interesting to follow. Surely its helped sell every product in baseball ... except maybe 2010 Chicle and a few others. We've seen huge prices for non-autographed Bowman SuperFractors - which will be essentially be re-printed later on this year for 2010 Bowman Chrome, and even Bowman Draft Picks. I don't think we see this type of craziness if Upper Deck, Panini and others have #1/1's and Autographs of Stephen Strasburg and Bryce Harper floating around at the same time Bowman came out in May. Its obviously apparent that Baseball has far more collectors than basketball - and that affects prices more than anything. That being said, I honestly don't think that any 2010 baseball prospect is going to have the career that Tyreke Evans is going to have in the NBA ... but baseball collectors are sure more willing to 'gamble' on a prospect than basketball collectors.

Honestly its a tough market in basketball cards. With LeBron James & Michael Jordan still at Upper Deck - its tough to go all in collecting basketball cards when two of the most valuable players of all time can't sign for you. Its almost like opening a 'searched' box of 1952 Topps with all the Mickey Mantle's and HOF pulled out ... sure you'll get some sweet cards ... but never the prized pull. LeBron James is far more polarized in popularity now, but any collector would gladly spend $100 on a box with a LeBron autograph inside.

Exclusive deals were designed to make collecting less confusing and help keep the supply of cards in check over the course of a year. With only 12 active guys on an NBA roster - and even less of them actually getting playing time and publicity - its already a thin market for basketball cards to begin with. Considering you still see plenty of 09/10 Basketball Product for sale (usually at a discount - ie: 09/10 Court Kings) its obvious that the supply is still too high for demand. If Panini wants year #2 to be a good one - I would suggest making less of each product so you end up keeping hobby dealers happy. Product that doesn't move is like that ugly bright green sweater at Macy's that never sells despite being 75% off ... and Panini has several product that fit this category. Unfortunately the NBA doesn't do much other than promote LeBron and Kobe - so such is life for an NBA licensee and basketball collectors alike.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Card Concepts That Add 'Value' To Cards Attracts New Collectors

Sports Cards in general seem pretty hot these days. 2010 Baseball has slumped since Stephen Strasburg went down - but Jason Heyward, Starlin Castro, even Buster Posey and the Team USA Signatures in sets like 2010 Bowman Chrome and 2010 Topps Chrome should keep those sets alive. Football is doing well as usual - and as usual - it rides on the back of the NFL Rookies, which as of now seem pretty strong. So far there really hasn't been a 'stand-out' product, but its early. Basketball had its 1st year of Panini in 09/10 - and they look to be listening to collectors demands for more on card autographs. Planned sets 10/11 Panini Prestige, 10/11 Panini Limited and 10/11 Threads will have plenty to chose from.

But honestly, not too much of that will bring in 'new' collectors into buying on a regular basis. Aside from special talents like Strasburg, LeBron James, Tiger Woods, Ken Griffey Jr. and many others - its tough to get people interested in collecting unless its the 'rip & flip' make a bunch of money type mentality. Maybe those talents come around often enough to make it profitable for the card companies to do business with the current demand, and not necessarily grow the collector base much.

Aside from a collector liking a player/team and/or hoping that card goes up in value - what other incentive is there to attract new collectors into the market?

We have seen some attempts by the card companies, usually aimed at kids, to add something extra to owning the card. When I was growing up, Upper Deck 'You Crash The Game" Insert Cards were something I remember collecting. Basically from what I recall, you got a card of a particular player - and on the back was a corresponding game where he had to achieve a certain stat objective in the game. If that player achieved the goal - you could send that card in for a special set that was later mailed to you. For example, I recall having a Dan Marino and he had to throw 4 or more touchdowns in a game. This was pre-internet and I remember having to check the newspaper on Monday following the game to see if he threw 4 touchdowns (he did). Again, this was pre-internet, where it would have been easy for me to check Dan Marino's stats anytime I wanted to - but the fact is, the card made me check the guys stats to see if I had won. This type of card pre-dates Fantasy Football, which obviously has become popular and I think UD's You Crash The Game was slightly ahead of its time.

Recent examples of adding value to cards beyond the typical means include the popular Topps Attax Baseball & Football Sets along with Panini Adrenalyn XL Football & Basketball. Here for the most part you are gathering cards with codes on them - that allow you to play online. The cards have 'value' over and above the eBay price - because you can play & win with them over and over. Collectors actually pay pretty good money for non-autographed & non-jersey Ultimate or Rare Cards (essentially 'base cards' to most collectors) because of the cards high rating and ability to win matches.

Who knows if these kids will be interested in buying 2010 SP Authentic Football - but they are buying 2010 Panini Adrenalyn XL Football for sure - and its possibly because the cards have value outside selling it online or at a card store. Open an Adrenalyn XL booster box - then go whoop butt online and achieve a top rank almost sounds more exciting than busting a box and hoping I get a Tim Tebow or Sam Bradford autograph so I can 'get my money back' from the break.

Adding value to cards doesn't always mean that we need to throw a signature or jersey piece on it - or even make it #1/1 or serial numbered. I also think that a players performance could do more than make a card sell for more on eBay. Maybe companies would exchange cards (for either top performing or poor performing players) for something else or give you a 'special set' if you send in the 'regular set'.

I'm not sure on the details, however I do know that it might help bring new collectors into the market if we can show them there is value to collecting cards outside selling them on eBay when the guy gets hot.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Podcast #61 - Set Building & 2010 Topps Football

This week on the podcast we poll some of our Fan Forum members and ask them if they collect sets of cards anymore? I was curious because seems to me its expensive and time consuming.

However after reading through the posts it actually seems like something collectors are doing quite frequently these days. One way to get around hand collating the set yourself is to purchase factory sets or sets online that typically sell for a fraction of the price. You can't always get insert & memorabilia type card sets this way - but it does help get you started.

If you don't like the new sets on the market for a given month or two - (or even a couple of seasons) - you might not collect much at all, so Team Sets, SP or Mini Cards, Parallel Cards all give set builders an option to try something new. Its an endless amount of things you can go after, making it more appealing on a month-to-month basis while collecting. You can always start and stop a new set, which makes it perfect for the type of people that get bored with one thing easily.

One downside to collecting sets of cards is that you end up with a large collection that will take up a decent amount of space. Our forum members also pointed out that its easier to get cards damaged when having that many cards - plus the price of supplies goes up too!

Personally, I'm too lazy to get online and purchase cards on a daily basis - so I couldn't last trying to put together a set practically one card at a time. That being said, if there was a local card shop that put out base cards and things like that - I would go through them and pick out players I want.

I think set collectors have evolved with the times as it would be expensive to do a 'master set' of a product and its almost impossible with #1/1 and other low print run cards. You are forced to narrow the focus and sometimes avoid sets altogether because the cost and/or time would be too great. Single cards have certainly become more available online compared to even 10 years ago - so that helps the people that go after rare and expensive items.

I hope card companies continue to try and attract collectors that build sets of cards - and develop products for them in mind. They are like the guy that goes into the car part store everyday searching for just the right part he needs for his classic car...he's their best customer. Set collectors in a way are the hobbies best customer and I hope to see the tradition of set building continue to evolve and be passed down over the years.

The Sports Card Show Podcast

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Holiday Weekend of Free Box Breaks at Sports Card Radio

We celebrate the 3 day weekend in style with a couple of 2010 Football Free Group Box Breaks.

2010 Topps Football Hobby Box was the 1st box we tried - with some decent luck, including Sam Bradford, Tim Tebow and a black parallel. About 30 members got 1 pack each, and about 6 lucky members got 2 packs each. You can see the videos below.

By request - on Monday - Annie will be busting her 2nd box ever - for 11 Fan Forum Members who each get a pack of 2010 Score Football.Get involved in our next round of free box breaks (we even cover shipping) http://www.sportscardradio.com/forum

Friday, August 27, 2010

2010 Topps Football Sketch Card Picture Gallery

I really enjoy the sketch cards that Topps has been putting into some of their products and here are a few that have been pulled out of 2010 Topps Football during it's first week of release. They have two different versions of the sketch cards, with actual NFL players and artists doing the drawings. The three cards pictured are from DeAngelo Williams and Colt McCoy and an artist rendering of Steelers Hall-of-Fame QB Terry Bradshaw.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Free Panini Adrenalyn XL Football Codes Until The Super Bowl!!

Starting today August 12, Sports Card Radio will be giving away Free Panini Adrenalyn Football Codes everyday until the Super Bowl in 2011!!!

Make sure you check the Free Adrenalyn Football Code Page daily for your chance to redeem them online.

Today's 1st Card: Sidney Rice - Vikings WR

Friday, July 23, 2010

Early Look: 2010-11 Panini Prestige Basketball

A new season of Basketball is just around the corner - and this year should be highly watched with LeBron James and company in South Beach along with all the new 10/11 Rookie Cards.

Panini Prestige Basketball should reach hobby stores on September 29 and you will find 24 packs per box. The 'hits' will be 2 autographs and 2 jersey cards. John Wall autographs should be the big selling point for this product - but you never know what might else help these cards sell.

Checklist + More Pictures: 2010/11 Panini Prestige Basketball Checklist

Thursday, June 24, 2010

5 Random Retail Football Basketball & Baseball Pack Break = FREE CARDS!!

Went by the dollar store today and picked up a couple of packs. Nothing too great - but the 2010 Sage High Series Football Pack had a decent QB RC in it.

Here's how its going to work -

1: Watch The Video - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ACqYWMNpe3o

2: Pick 1 Card You Want

3: Post The Players Name/Set Here So You Can Claim It

I'll place the card in your prize closet.

We'll open it up after a while to give the rest away that aren't picked early.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

2010 Topps Series 2 Baseball Box Break - Global Sports Cards - Part 3

Brought to you by Global Sports Cards - here is part 3 of 3 during our 2010 Topps Series 2 Baseball Box Break. Some interesting cards come from here including a 100th Babe Ruth Birthday card. Stay tuned for Part 3 which will have the 'hit' from the box. Thanks again to Global Sports Cards - save $10 on your next order over $150 by using the discount code: scr

2010 Topps Series 2 Baseball Box Break - Global Sports Cards - Part 2

Brought to you by Global Sports Cards - here is part 2 of 3 during our 2010 Topps Series 2 Baseball Box Break. Some interesting cards come from here including a 100th Babe Ruth Birthday card. Stay tuned for Part 3 which will have the 'hit' from the box. Thanks again to Global Sports Cards - save $10 on your next order over $150 by using the discount code: scr

2010 Topps Series 2 Baseball Box Break - Global Sports Cards - Part 1

Thank You Global Sports Cards for letting 30 People Get a FREE Spot in this break of 2010 Topps Series 2 Baseball. The cards are cool! We even get a Jason Heyward (RC) Card in this part. Stay tuned for Parts 2 and 3. Remember - you can enter the discount code: scr for $10.00 off an order of $150 or more at Global Sports Cards.

Not Much Is Left After 20+ Years In The Hobby ...

You'd think after working a good portion of my young life at a card store, and even owning one for a few years - I'd have a ton of cardboard laying around. Well ... I do, but its mostly empty Pepsi and Pizza boxes.

That's okay - what do they say? Less is more! Not sure if that really applies to sports cards. I sure would like a box full of 2008 Stephen Strasburg cards just laying around. Of course they'd be long gone by now which, I guess, is a big reason why I don't have many cards in my collection today.

That has changed just a little here recently when I purchased a 2009 Michael Johnson (not the Olympian) the Bengals version of Adalius Thomas - except our guy is 6' 5" - and spent last season playing DE. In OTA's they are working him out at linebacker. This card I picked up for less than $5 shipped and its serial #2/8. I've always been a fan of the letterman or lettermen cards - not sure what you call them - but they are cool. I'm not really expecting to move this thing for $100 bucks - honestly I'd take $10 ... but you better believe that if this guy gets hot I'll be moving it. Chances are, he will be like 99.9% of all defensive players in the NFL and not make any hobby impact outside the $5 manufactured patch auto sale...but its a cool card to have in the collection.

Speaking of the Bengals ... been seeing that our main guy has been working on his dance moves. Isn't that something guys do when they are retired? Emmitt Smith, Jerry Rice - come on Ocho - you probably just wanted to get in while you still had those studly good looks and had a chance with that cute chic you were dancing with. The diamond ring you bought her probably didn't hurt your chances either. ..... What's that??? .... "don't hate the playa - hate the game" .... gotcha Ocho, sorry bro - back to cards. I've held onto my 2001 SPx Autograph/Jersey rookies before anyone knew who Chad Johnson was, let alone Ocho-Cinco. I think I've had 4 or 5 of these at one point. I never paid over $10 for any one of them. I sold a few when they were hot a few years ago. I still have a 2 color jersey version and the one-color you see here.

I'm all about Baseball Prospects. I'm also all about selling them when they are hot too. Nothing against buying and holding - I do that too, but its usually a Stock or Mutual Fund share over a card. Based on how things have been going, maybe my money would have been safer investing in cards!!! Shoot, a couple of 2010 Bowman cases - and the next winner (if Strasburg autographs can be added) is 2010 Topps Chrome. Even Topps Series 1 is selling for about $90 a box, which is about $30 over the original hobby retail price. Sure wish my baseball prospecting skills could have that kind of turnaround - same with the stocks. But there is one card I've held onto for a while now - probably just 'cause the thing is slabbed by BGS and I'd just rather hold onto it. Hank Conger may get a shot at some point next season - we'll see ... they've been milking this guy along. Probably a decent time to buy him considering you don't have much to loose. Expect to see this thing for sale if he ever does anything.

I actually still own many cards on thePit.com - I remember signing up when this was a Topps venture. Its actually been over 10 years now that I think about it ... man I might actually be getting old. My brother was working this thing a few years ago - buying and selling in the same day - buying cards and immediately putting in a sell price. Funny stuff - he made money doing it too. The thing I remember about thePit when it was still in its early stages was that cards sold for more money than on eBay. Several times I'd buy cards on eBay and flip them on thePit once they arrived in my account. Probably still happens now, but its more on a card-by-card basis and not site wide like it was 6 or 7 years ago. I think I paid $22 for the Andrew McCutchen you see here - too bad he plays for Pittsburgh - maybe the Yankees will come knocking one day!

Sure wish I could go on a bit further. That about wraps up all the interesting cards I've had. Been getting some nice cards from listeners and fans of the podcast - which I'd add here too but I'm too lazy to bust out the scanner. Hopefully I'll grow this list out a bit more over 2010 - I think I might get some basketball singles once the season is over and everyone is on to Football and Baseball .. if they aren't already. There are lots of good deals out there - and typically that's all I'm in the market for. I've been on the other side of the counter since I was about 15 and its nice to be the customer instead of the owner for a change.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

2010 Topps Series 2 Baseball - FREE Group Box Break Announcement - Global Sports Cards

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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Release Date Calendar for June 2010

Collectors get to take a breath, but not for long after a great month of May that included 2010 Bowman Baseball, 09/10 Panini Timeless Treasures & Absolute Memorabilia Basketball. Not to mention 2010 Topps Series 2 Baseball and 2010 Razor Poker fans for everyone following the WSOP that is going on right now in Las Vegas.

Like I said, take a breath - but not for long - some quality Football, Baseball & Basketball Sets.

Week 1:
09/10 SP Authentic Hockey
Collectors should finally see this set come to hobby shelves. Expect some good prices to be paid for the Future Watch Autograph Patch Rookie Cards.
Purchase A Box Below:

Week 2:
2010 Donruss Elite Football
Another 2010 set loaded with the new rookies like Tim Tebow and Sam Bradford. You will find more veteran players like Peyton Manning and Randy Moss in this set as well over 2010 Prestige Football, which came out last month.
Purchase A Box Below:
 09/10 Panini Court Kings Basketball
A sweet looking set and another large checklist from Panini. Basketball collectors have to love that 3 quality sets have come out recently.
Purchase A Box Below:

 2010 Ringside Boxing
Don't know much about Boxing cards - but these have to be the ones to get.

Week 3:
2010 Topps Allen & Ginter Baseball
What will Topps have up their sleeves this year?? My guess is a redemption for a Stephen Strasburg once he comes up to the MLB in the coming days.
Purchase A Box Below:

Press Pass Stealth Racing
Again, don't know much about racing - but this set does have NASCAR's hottest driver Danica Patrick.

Week 4:
2010 NCAA Sweet Spot Football
I know Upper Deck has photos on Facebook and Twitter - the cards look great. No official checklist yet and don't quote us on this releasing this month. But looks like a cool set that will have Tim Tebow and the rest of the bunch from the 2010 Rookie Photo Shoot.
Purchase A Box Below:

2010 Score Football
Actually a Retail Release. Packs should be $1.00 - might be a good value considering people are paying good money for Tim Tebow stuff.

09/10 Panini Crown Royale Basketball
Sweet looking 'retro' set - the on-card autograph rookie cards will be a must for fans of this seasons rookie cards.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Early Look: 2009-10 Panini National Treasures Basketball

Basketball collectors want high end? How does $400.00 a box (Pack) sound? Well, if you are a big spender or just a casual basketball collector - you will have to wait until August 4, 2010 - but 09/10 National Treasures Basketball is on the way.

Just based on early photographs and the complete checklist - the set is loaded up with Logoman and Multi-Color Prime jersey materials. We especially like the look of the Rookie Cards (Tyreke Evans seen below) and collectors will probably be chasing these down as the final 09/10 Panini Rookie.

One suggestion for Panini - Add 2010/11 NBA Draft Pick Redemption Cards for some kind of Rookie Set - Just like Topps Finest Basketball used to do (and Baseball continues to do) By the time this set comes out - people are going to want cards of the new players. Include it as a bonus pack or box topper.

Complete Checklist: 09/10 Panini National Treasures Basketball Checklist

Saturday, May 15, 2010

My Day at the TriStar Collector Convention in San Francisco

I haven't been to a card show in quite a long time so it was cool to get out of the house today and visit one of the most beautiful places in the world - San Francisco. Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures of the skyline and half-million dollar homes that caught my attention on the way to the Cow Palace. In fact if the setting around the ancient building wasn't spectacular hilltops lined with colorful homes and the pacific fog rolling in amongst the tops of the hills - you'd think I was in a less desirable area of the planet.

Like I said, the venue was no paradise - but believe me, this is one of the most beautiful areas in the world. Not to mention expensive. $4 Bridge Toll, $20 Meal, $8 Parking - all before we enter the show.

What the heck is a Cow Palace?

Not sure why they charge $10 to get in the place. Maybe its to keep looky-loos like me out that only spent $1 on two packs of Soft Sleeves and $5 on a 2009 Beckett Baseball annual guide. Given some of the money I saw spent, maybe $10 is not enough to charge. I was peeking through a few cases of newer game used and autograph stuff. There were several Kobe Bryant Auto/Jersey pieces, I saw several letterman patches and some great looking cards. There was even a Babe Ruth Cut Autograph that I was able to snap a photo of, and I was about to snap a photo of the Walter Johnson next to it when a younger guy walked up with more cash than I've seen in a long time in his hands. It actually turned out to be just south of $10,000 in one hundred dollar bills and he was buying the guys entire table - minus some UDA Signed Shoes. The cards were being packed up in boxes faster than Usain Bolt out of the starting blocks ... so I couldn't get any more photos. I'm guessing the Babe Ruth you see here was included.

Given how popular 2010 Bowman Baseball has been on the internet with people paying $400+ for Stephen Strasburg Auto's (Makes me wonder what his Upper Deck Stuff is selling for) and double the SRP for boxes, I wanted to see what the markup was going to be at the TriStar show. Funny thing was, there was really only a handful of guys selling wax, and only one guy with enough to supply a good portion of the East Bay. Looks like he wasn't marking his boxes up much more than anyone else. In fact I overhead the gentleman running the booth say that a guy came in on Friday (when the show started) and bought several cases from him. He had some good un-opened boxes, all coming from sealed cases I saw behind him. His prices were excellent and even saw someone get $10 off on a Prominent Cuts Box.

If the hobby made sense - I guess Tim Lincecum Autographs would be worth $1,000 considering how much people are paying for a guy that has struck out a few guys that live in a frat house across the street from me (I wish I was joking). Nothing against the prospector, but how much do you think Strasburg Autograph's will go up? Its not like this guy plays for the Yankees, Red Sox or Cubs! You wouldn't know that Tim Lincecum autograph is about 1/10th as popular as guys like Strasburg and Harper by being at this show. I had never seen so many Tim Lincecum autographs! I guess this is where they all have gone, because I sure don't see collectors showing up with them in packs very often. I'm no autograph expert, and I don't want to shed negative light on what was a really enjoyable day in the Bay Area - but I'd have to guess that far less than 70% of the autograph memorabilia I saw was actually signed by the player. When you got dusty LeBron James signed jerseys out un-protected on a table - that smells fake. Being in San Fran, I guess the legitimacy of Giants stuff can be warranted, and just about every booth had Majestic Signed Jersey's for sale.

There were many times I wish I had an unlimited bankroll to buy some cards at the show. There were so many great single cards at this show that I could have spent hours photographing special cards. There were some great deals too. I spent a few minuets going through a guys half dozen tables all full with boxes of PSA graded cards and nothing else. Prices were: PSA 9 or Lower $2.00 - PSA 10 $5.00 - Needless to say the Ty Cobb I have pictured here...was at a different booth...and was not-priced.

The vintage cards at the show were spectacular. I saw cards that I have only seen in magazines and heard about through other more serious collectors. It was amazing to see sellers that have amassed such a huge collection and are showcasing at card shows across the country. Its almost like a rolling museum of sorts, where these guys are in it for profit, but many are showcasing works of art and sports history along the way.

I saw plenty of "modern" cards as well. Maybe not so surprising - I saw a lot of newer basketball singles for some reason. There were plenty of vintage baseball, and some modern football cards - but I don't remember seeing a Tim Tebow or similar 2010 Pick. Maybe that's because the sellers are moving that stuff faster (possibly online) and they take stuff that doesn't sell as well to shows because the cards 'look' expensive and they can get $10 for a Panini Sticker Autograph of a nobody in the NBA.

It wasn't like every basketball card I saw was of a 12th man. You always see the LeBron James & Michael Jordan dual signature on the Upper Deck Basketball sell sheets (I should have said used to see) and since LJ and MJ are locked up with someone that is making Lacrosse sets - we might not see beauties like these anywhere but card shows. I wish I had a Black American Express card or Upper Deck made licensed NBA cards - because I'd buy a card like this and I'm a Lakers fan.

Speaking of the Lakers - and Upper Deck, probably one of the greatest modern basketball cards of all time was on display as well. What makes this card so great? One - its an autograph of a now mythical NBA legend that we imagine dominating those short white dudes like Babe Ruth hit home runs every at bat. Its an on-card signature of a now fallen great. Plus the card is spectacular and was hyped up really well when it came out (I remember guys hunting for these when I was working at a card shop then)

Collectors probably make too much about how cards look. The reason 2010 Bowman is sizzling right now is not because it 'looks' great! However, as prospects flame out and sets get hot and cold - we still remember a handful of cards. There are more Wilt Chamberlain autographs in the world. The design, the signature and the elegance of this design makes this the Wilt Chamberlain autograph card. I'm happy I saw it in person today.

There were quite a few people there and I arrived after Cal Ripken Jr was just making final calls on his signature. People really seemed to be enjoying themselves, mainly focused on looking for the autograph line or hunting through boxes of singles. There were very few people like me that were just looking around, everyone had a purpose and they were serious about finding the cards and memorabilia they wanted. Some dealers looked drained and I saw Free Cell up on a computer and some dealers flipping through their cell-phones - oh how times have changed. Several years ago the computer was the devil to these guys and its what helped kill the hobby - now it keeps them occupied at card shows.

There was a mix of extremely professional high grade tables and younger guys that look like they might only be there because the location or timing was right for them. I noticed some dealers with business cards out from as far away as Connecticut. It was a good sign for the hobby. I think I said on my podcast the other day that Sports Cards are as hot right now than they have been in a while. It could be that the reduction in product (that collectors were begging for several years ago) is actually working. It could be that prospects like Jason Heyward, Stephen Strasburg, Aroldis Chapman, Starlin Castro and others are actually going to be the next generation of baseball stars that follow Jeter, Arod and Pujols when they are done. Not to mention the LeBron James' and Chris Johnson's of the world. Possibly its a mix of both.

I've never been to the National, and I'm not going to fly across the country anytime for that. Besides, people travel all over the world to experience California's summer time ... why on earth would I leave??  That being said, if the National delivers half the experience I had today, it should be one hell of a show for collectors.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

New Sports Card Radio Podcast #52 - 2010 Bowman + Interview

So much jammed into this show - that the title can't even fit everything that we have going on. We bring you another interview with a Sports Trading Card Podcaster, and we discuss three new product releases this week.

Chris from The Football Card Collector Podcast joins us to discuss some of the things you can expect from his program and a little about his collection. We discuss upcoming 2010 Football Card Releases along with some of the rookies that might make an impact this season. Be sure to join Chris in his box breaks along with the fellow listeners.

2010 Bowman Baseball is as hot as I can remember a Bowman set ever being. It all revolves around 3 players autographs - Stephen Strasburg, Jason Heyward and Starlin Castro. Be careful to not get wrapped up in the hype as this product can become expensive if you are opening it by the box. By the end of the season, this product may not look quite as nice as it does now - or it could look better if the prospects and rookies play well. Tough call - but be careful not to overspend here early.

09/10 Panini Timeless Treasures Not exactly everyone's favorite product, but it is a good attempt at a 'new' product from Donruss/Panini to establish itself in the basketball card market for next season. I've got to say - some of these single cards will be worth checking out if you are a bball fan. More deep checklists and interesting inserts to chase after - and Panini could have a winner here in the long run.

2010 Playoff Prestige Football Not sure if its even called Playoff Prestige anymore - but same difference. Collectors will again complain here that this set looks an awful lot like many other mid-low priced Panini Products. You can tell not a bunch of time was spent on this set, but these early big-print run sets tend to get pumped out quick because the company wants to get the product out as fast as it can. We'll see if collectors look past all that and scoop up Tim Tebow and Sam Bradford no matter what a card looks like...my guess is that they will.

Stream & Download The Show Here

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Colin Tedards - The Sports Card Show - The Sports Card Show

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

09/10 Panini Timeless Treasures Basketball Checklist

This set actually might be one of the largest 2009/10 Panini Basketball Set Checklists to date. Already we see NBA Logoman & Autographs hitting eBay and collector forums on the internet.

Despite some of the Autographs being Stickers and not every jersey being Prime - this does look like a set Basketball Collectors should take a look at; even if its on the single card hunt. You might not want to gamble the $80 - $100 it takes to get a 1 pack box of this stuff but its probably worth searching for some nice hits that people are parting with.

Complete Checklist Here: 2009/10 Panini Timeless Treasures Basketball Checklist

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Early Look: 2010 Topps Chrome Baseball Checklist

With Jason Heyward and Ike Davis playing well for their respective teams - 2010 Topps Chrome might be a winner once it comes out September 27, 2010. Each will have on-card autographs in the set & each box delivers 2 on-card rookie autographs per hobby box. Would it be considered a 'hot-box' if you pull Heyward and Davis???

Topps Chrome will add chromium to Topps T-206 cards, Topps Chicle and Topps Heritage Cards in the form of insert cards.

As of now: cards #195 - #220 & #240, #244, #245 are TBD - Can anyone say Starlin Castro Autograph!!!

For More Information On 2010 Topps Chrome Baseball - Check out the sites below:

Checklist: 2010 Topps Chrome Baseball Checklist

Preview: Topps Blog

Sunday, May 2, 2010

2010 Topps UFC Ultimate Fighter Trading Card Checklist

2010 Topps UFC trading cards return this year when the UFC is as hot as its ever been. Find 2 Autograph Cards and 2 Relic cards per box along with 32 other inserts and parallel cards.

Some exciting fighters make their debut in this series along with YouTube legend Kimbo Slice. There are also some nice dual relic and autograph cards - along with fold out book relics of all 2009 UFC Champions including BJ Penn, Georges St-Pierre, and Brock Lesnar.

Take a look: 2010 Topps UFC Trading Card Checklist

Friday, April 30, 2010

Release Date Calendar for May 2010

2009/10 SP Authentic Hockey - May 4, 2010
This product was pushed back multiple times by Upper Deck, but hockey collectors are not going to want to wait to check this product when it comes out. The autograph checklist is huge and the Future Watch Autograph Rookie cards are some of the best looking cards to date.

2010 Bowman Baseball - May 12, 2010
This year's Bowman baseball stands out as it will have autograph cards of several top prospects in baseball including Stephen Strasburg, Aroldis Chapman and Jason Heyward. The checklist is large and has been recently updated. Find the complete set and more by following the link above.

2010 Panini Prestige Football - May 12, 2010
This years first licensed football cards make their way onto the market this week. The latest draft picks including Tim Tebow, Sam Bradford and many more will be on cards featuring their team colors and information. The RC cards will feature draft day photos and the checklist is fairly large and should be a great way to start the 2010 football season off.

2010 Razor Poker - May 12, 2010
Fans of Texas Hold-em legends like Phil Hellmuth, Johnny Chan and Stu Ungar can find autographs of all their favorite gamblers in this set. Poker fans are passionate and should find a set like this very enjoyable to open. Even lesser known online superstars like Tom 'Durrrr' Dwan can be found for the first time.

2009/10 Panini Timeless Treasures Basketball - May 12, 2010
This is ones of Panini's largest checklists to date. There are many autographs and parallels contained within this set making it one of the more exciting releases to date. With Absolute Memorabilia and Court Kings to follow, it will be interesting to see if basketball collectors spend big on a set like this.

2009/10 Panini Absolute Memorabilia Basketball - May 19, 2010
This popular football release is sure to be a hit with basketball collectors. The jersey cards and autographs look great and the checklist is fairly large. Expect many basketball collectors to be running light in the wallet after this and Timeless Treasures Basketball come out within 1 week of each other.

2010 Ringside Boxing Round 1 - May 25, 2010
Even though boxing is a sport on the decline (thanks to UFC) the fighters are still highly collectible. Muhammad Ali and Mike Tyson headline the autographs in this set. Find real fight worn material cards as well.

2010 Topps Series 2 Baseball - May 27, 2010
With the popularity of the Topps Million Card Give-A-Way and many other SP variation cards, collectors are surely waiting for Topps Series 2 baseball. The checklist is massive and considering how much Series 1 boxes have gone up in price recently - expect this product to do the same.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

FREE Spots - 2010 Topps National Chicle Box Break

I purchased a 2010 Topps National Chicle Box today for a box break contest we have running. It is a FREE entry as long as you send me an article or some interesting thoughts on sports cards to: sportscardshow@gmail.com
 Details Below:
2010 Topps National Chicle Box Break Contest

I also threw in another box that was on sale...and to get free shipping! For this box break - I'm taking the Bengals and any team not chosen. All 31 teams are up for grabs for $2.00 a piece, which is well below what it will cost me to send you the cards alone! What a great deal for you!
 Details Below:
2007 Donruss Threads Football Box Break $2.00 - Team

Get involved in both these breaks over on our Fan Forum. Not a member yet? Register and send me an e-mail: sportscardshow@gmail.com and I will approve you faster.

2010 Topps National Chicle Box Break Contest

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Early Look: 2010 Historic Autographs Baseball Box - HOF & All-Star Edition

Its not often I'm intrigued in multiple ways when a new baseball set comes across the presale wire - but 2010 Historic Autographs proves to be a very interesting set. As of right now ... its curious to who the manufacture of this set even is. Multiple online outlets have PreSales for the product up but no mention of an actual manufacture that you normally see on any product from Topps to Upper Deck to Press Pass. Recently Razor Collectibles released 2010 Legends of the Diamond Baseball which was similar to this set, except it contained mostly non-autographed cards.

The set reminds me also of the recently released Famous Fabrics set which was a non-licensed jersey memorabilia product. What makes 2010 Historic Autographs set interesting is that there are only 3,000 boxes and each box of 3 PSA/DNA cut autographs will contain 1 Hall Of Fame Baseball Cut Autograph.

Look for Babe Ruth, Jackie Robinson, Mickey Mantle, Barry Bonds and over 800 cut autograph cards. Expect to pay around $180 for each 3 pack box ... but a product like this tends to go higher as boxes dry up on the secondary market. We will try to find out more information about this set in the coming week ... including identifying the manufacture. Could it be PSA/Collectors Universe themselves as they say you can register all cards in their registry?

Take A Look: 2010 Historic Autographs Cut Signature Baseball Box Review 

UPDATE: This is made by a company named: Historic Autograph Company
Founded by: Heffner/DiFrancesco/Huggins in 2010
Facebook Page

Thursday, April 8, 2010

2010 Topps Allen & Ginter Artist Name Correction

I was contacted today by Mr. Jeff Zachowski who has artwork appearing in the upcoming 2010 Topps National Chicle and 2010 Topps Allen & Ginter Baseball sets. If you have written a preview for the product and mentioned him by name - its possible that you may have misspelled his name (as I did) - because the Topps Allen & Ginter Sell Sheet has his last name incorrect: Z a y k o w s k i - is NOT the correct spelling - Jeff Zachowski is correct.

Apperantly the 2010 Topps Chicle Sell Sheet is correct, 2010 Allen & Ginter is incorrect. His #1/1 Hand Painted Cards appear in the 2010 Topps Allen and Ginter Rip Cards.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Upper Deck Seats Are Getting Empty

Recently I - along with my brother who operates www.sportscardreport.info - have been fairly outspoken about Upper Deck's troubles with the MLB, Konomi, Lawyers, Fake Twitter Accounts, Awards and other matters.

Most of my loyal listeners know that I am very interested in the Stock Market and trading stocks...and its this background that has led to my sometimes harsh criticism of Upper Deck Company. The signs of a failing company are staring everyone in the face with loss of all 3 major sports trading card licensing deals (NFL, MLB, NBA) Not only that, but the CEO being linked to counterfeit cards and a failed attempt to continue to make baseball cards.

What does Upper Deck have left? They told me via Twitter:
@SportsCardRadio We hope so too. Hockey, CLC and our Entertainment properties should keep things going for us. CC

Basically - this is like the Coca-Cola company saying "We are not selling anything but Fresca" ... Is Upper Deck going out of business? No. Some other company would 'buy' their proprietary brands if it came to that. However, they have to downsize - and they have to do it in a hurry. Upper Deck's revenue, cash flows and profits are going to hit record lows and if they don't start cutting expensive "exclusive" athlete deals like Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan, Derek Jeter and LeBron James ... they won't last. You don't see a ITG, TriStar or Razor sign an athlete of that caliber.

Its known that Upper Deck has laid off many workers - and for the good of the "Company" - they might want to hand out more pink slips.

They should also think about moving out of the multi-million dollar southern California offices they occupy and move to a much smaller and less glorious location.

Why? ... Because they aren't going to have the product lineup to fund the Upper Deck that collectors are used to. The director of sports for Upper Deck said it himself that Upper Deck Series 1 is basically the only set the company makes huge profits on (because its a massive 1990's print run) - those sets are gone because Upper Deck can't make cards in quantities like that any more. They have to run a 'lean' business as the smaller manufactures like Razor and TriStar seem to do. (In fact I see TriStar is hiring un-paid College Interns)

The story of Upper Deck is so familiar in the business world: Huge run up and profits from a bubble in the market - then slow to react when the demand returns to normal levels. The seats aren't empty yet ... but its getting close.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Spring Into April Box Release Date Calendar

April 7, 2010

2009/10 SP Game Used Hockey - Around $140 Per Box
6 Packs Per Box - 3 Cards Per Pack - Look for 1 Game Used Memorabilia or Autograph Card Per Box

2010 (09/10) Upper Deck Greats of the Game Basketball - Around $70 Per Box
16 Packs Per Box - 8 Cards Per Pack - Look for 2 Autographs & 1 Memorabilia Cards Per Box
Features Michael Jordan and LeBron James Autograph Cards

April 9, 2010

2010 TriStar In Pursuit of the Majors Baseball - Around $75 Per Box
1 Complete Set + 6 Autograph Cards Per Box - Look for Jason Heyward Autograph Cards

April 13, 2010 

2009/10 Upper Deck UD Ice Hockey - Around $80 Per Box
20 Packs Per Box - 6 Cards Per Pack - 4 Rookie Cards - 1 Auto - 2 Memorabilia Per Box

April 20, 2010

2009/10 O-Pee-Chee UD Hockey - Around $60 Per Box
24 Packs Per Box - 5 Cards Per Pack - Look for 1 triple jersey card per box

April 21, 2010

2009/10 UD Ultimate Collection Hockey - Around $80 Per Pack/Box
1 Mini-Box (1 Pack) - 5 Cards Per Pack - 15 Mini Boxes Per Case
Look for 1 Autograph + Rookie + Memorabilia Card Per Pack (3 Hits)

2010 Razor Autograph Poker Cards - Around $70 Per Box
5 Packs Per Box - 1 Autograph Card Per Pack
All cards are Autographed except Stu Ungar Relic Cards

2009-10 Panini Timeless Treasures Basketball - Around $95 Per Box
1 Pack - 5 Cards Per Pack - Look for 3 Autographs or Memorabilia Cards Per Pack (at least 1 auto)

April 27, 2010

2009/10 SP Authentic Hockey - Around $100 Per Box
24 Packs Per Box - 5 Cards Per Pack
Look for 3 Autograph Cards Per Box - With at least 1 Future Watch RC Auto

April 28, 2010

2010 SAGE Autographed Football - No Price Info Yet (Probably Between $100 - $120)
1 Autograph Per Box

April 29, 2010

2010 Topps National Chicle Edition Baseball - Around $80 Per Box
24 Packs Per Box - 8 Cards Per Pack - 2 Autograph Cards & 1 Relic Cards Per Box

April 30, 2010

2009/10 In The Game ITG Superlative Hockey - No Pricing Info Yet
Only 2,500 Books (Boxes) Produced!
·One Game-Used Jersey Card
·One Autograph Card or Auto Plus Card
·One Superlative Prospect Autograph or Auto Plus Card
·One Superlative Patch Card
·One Auto Jersey Card or Auto Plus Card
·One Famous Fabrics Card
·One Special Insert Card

Monday, March 29, 2010

March Madness (Part 2) Sports Trading Card Releases

See Part 1 Of March Madness Trading Card Releases

2009/10 Panini Classics Basketball (March 31, 2010)

This is possibly one of the final products that won't deliver a 'hit-per-pack' like the remaining products in the pipeline do for Panini. The on-card Autograph Rookies might be some of the best looking of the season - making this a set you might want to check out once it goes live at the end of the week. The use of former NBA players makes this a hit with older collectors, and the Rookies, Kobe, and current NBA stars makes this an all-around solid product from Panini. 09/10 Panini Classics Basketball Checklist & Review

2010 Razor Legends of the Diamond Baseball  (March 31, 2010)

This is a unique product which is basically a re-packaged vintage card collection. Although, every card is guaranteed to be PSA 7 or PSA/DNA Autograph of a pre 1970's Hall of Famer or famous baseball player. Check out our preview where we run down Atlanta Sports Cards 20 Box Break.

Also out at the end of the month: 2010 SAGE High Series Football!  (March 31, 2010)