Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A Guess at How Much UD Will Owe Konami

So we learned from Sports Card Report that UD and Konami have settled their damages trail, and Upper Deck needs to pay it's first settlement check by Friday. It pays it's final check to Konami on March 31st. How much money are we talking?

Upper Deck illegally reproduced more than 600,000 of Konami's Yu-Gi-Oh! cards.  I tried to find examples in the real world to get a handle on the dollar amount Upper Deck might now be on the hook for.

In early 2009 the MLBPA sued Donruss for using MLB logos and colors without a license (sound familiar?). The MLBPA reportedly is seeking triple the profit that Donruss, now Panini, made off the sale of the cards.

Software maker Symantec -think Norton Anti-Virus- has won a litany of counterfeit software judgments ranging form a few hundred thousand to $21 Million.  

The ladies love Louis Vuitton, and in 2008 they were granted what is believed to be the highest award of damages in Canada against purveyors of counterfeit goods. $920,000.

Konami reportedly was seeking "hundreds of millions" in civil damages if the case went to trial.  That is usually a scare tactic to get the other party, in this case Upper Deck, to settle out of court. My gut, tells me that the payoff has to be in the neighborhood of $5-8 Million.  I know that sounds low. And maybe it is indeed too low a number.

Two things though brought me to that range. Upper Deck has reached an agreement to settle the payment from this lawsuit by the end of March.  With rumors that UD is already struggling, you can't think they are paying up $15-20 Million in damages so quick. The other issue I took into account was the damages Symantec got in their anti-piracy judgments. They are two totally separate issues, but this Symantec software was mass produced, and was worth a lot more then 600,000 Yu-Gi-Oh cards. The MLBPA vs Donruss case I noted earlier had the MLB looking for 'triple' what Donruss made on the sale of the cards. How much can you make on 600,000 Yu-Gi-Oh cards?

The sleazy nature in which UD went about counterfeiting the Yu-Gi-Oh cards makes the case somewhat unique.  Therefore Konami probably has a leg to stand on when trying to squeeze as much out of UD as they can. I'm going to stand by $5-8 Million as a range.  We'll see if any news leaks to see if I'm dead wrong.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

2010 Topps National Chicle Baseball Set Preview

Just spent several hours putting a 2010 Topps National Chicle Baseball Preview together. The set has generated quite a bit of buzz from around the hobby world, and I tried to portray some of the early feelings about the cards in the preview.

I've also covered all the ad backs, parallels, box loaders, autographs, and relic cards. Odds, and checklists for the auto's and relic cards are also in the preview.  I will at some point put up a complete checklist in the very near future.

The same 12 artists who did the artwork for the Chicle Football set are back to design the baseball set.

Hope you enjoy! Check out the full preview here.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Is Upper Deck Trying To Go Broke?

When I first heard about the Upper Deck - Konami/Yu-Gi-Oh lawsuit I figured things were about to get bad for UD. Real bad. First they lost out on the Baseball license to Topps. Now Konami is standing in line for their payday.

The story gets better.  Now, rumor has it, UD is going to release their 2010 Baseball line using MLB logo's. Riiiiiiigggghhhhhttttt. Guess they didn't care about losing the MLBPA rights deal to Topps, cause they were just going ignore the deal anyways.  Why didn't they just ignore the rookie card logo rule too?

Now I am starting to wonder what the real deal is.  They must have the Chapter 11 papers all printed up, just waiting for the right time. With whispers of UD owing $100 million to the IRS, they are probably just playing russian roulette by using MLB logos. 

Some collectors even seem to think (in the comments section) that Upper Deck might release some of the baseball product, and then have to pull it off the shelves. Thus creating a short print set on their way out the door. I wouldn't buy into it. With how shady their business has become, I'd be wary of any UD product right now.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Exquisite or National Treasures 2009 Rookie Card Design?

The two biggest (or at least most expensive) Football products are coming soon.

2009 Playoff National Treasures Football comes out January 20, 2010

2009 Upper Deck Exquisite Football comes out February 23, 2010

The set designs are in and I'm a fan of 2009 Upper Deck Exquisite RC over the 2009 National Treasures RC design. You can take a look below, but to me the gold background on the Exquisite cards just make them look expensive. Many of these cards will sell in the high 3-Figures and even 4-Figures so the design is important. The National treasures rookies look great too, but I have to say I like Exquisite in 2009.

Be sure to check out our extensive preview of both products over at

Sunday, January 17, 2010

NFL Weekend Impact Players Rookie Cards

Nothing moves rookie card prices quite like playing well in an NFL Playoff game.
Below are the complete RC checklists of this weeks biggest stars.

Reggie Bush - Looked the 'old Reggie' at USC making huge plays that helped New Orleans win. He has a large Rookie Card selection, many of which are autographed. Find the complete list of Reggie Bush RC Cards Here.

Sidney Rice - Brett Favre has given this WR a boost in numbers and his Rookie Cards are being collected more than ever. His big game against Dallas is sure to keep them going in the same direction. Find all of Sidney Rice 2007 Rookie Cards here.

Jared Allen - A rare defensive player makes the list. His personality and great play makes him one of the few DE that you might want to think about collecting. He doesn't have many 2004 Rookies, you can find the complete list here.

Devery Henderson - In an offense that has many weapons, Devery stands out and makes plays for New Orleans. He has a ton of 2004 Rookies and you can find them all here.

Lynell Hamilton - Probably wouldn't have made the list, except he is from my home town Stockton, CA. He did score a touch down against Arizona and possibly could be a super sleeper later on in the playoffs. He only has one RC and you can find his 2008 RC here.

Tim Hightower - Busted a huge run on the first play of the game and then disappeared. His 2008 Rookie Cards are still worth taking a look at.

Pierre Thomas  - Limped off the field a few times. (See Lynell Hamilton above) The Saints could be Super Bowl bound, and you have to think he will be okay then. Might be a good time to scoop a few of Pierre Thomas 2007 RC Cards.

 Marques Colston - Didn't have a huge game against Arizona, but you have to think he will get involved later on in the playoffs. This 7th round draft pick has been hot since his 2006 Rookies hit the market.

Brett Favre - This old man keeps doing it. His 1991 Rookie Cards are still as hot as ever.

Adrian Peterson - He took a back seat to Chris Johnson and possibly even Cedric Benson this year in terms of sizzle behind his card values. Look for the values to hold as the Vikings try to make a deep run in the playoffs. Adrian Peterson 2007 Rookie Cards are still some of the most valuable cards on the market today in any bring your Visa!

Mark Sanchez - This QB gets the job done and lets the great Jets defense take charge. His 2009 Rookies have been setting the bar for the rest of the 09 RC class.  He is this years Matt Ryan/Joe Flacco.

Shonn Greene - This 3rd round pick has been taking quite a few carries away from Thomas Jones. The Jets may have their future Running Back and Quarterback locked up for a few years! Since getting more playing time after Leon Washington went out with injury, Shonn Greene 2009 Rookie Cards have been soaring. He has been a big part of the Jets 2 playoff wins.

Antonio Gates - Didn't have many 2003 Rookie Cards being undrafted. That makes all of them highly collectible.

Friday, January 15, 2010

2009 Playoff Contenders Football SP RC Ticket Checklist

If you have been busting boxes of 2009 Playoff Contenders Football then you may want to go check out our review. We have the complete list of SP Rookie Tickets that were inserted in 2009.

Aaron Kelly has a mere 21 copies. Expect huge prices on his card.

Matthew Stafford and Michael Crabtree are on the list as well.

Find our complete list of SP RC Tickets and our review of the set here.

Monday, January 11, 2010

No New Is Good News? 2009 UD Exquisite Football Set

We have been searching the internet for 2009 UD Exquisite Football information but Upper Deck has been fairly quite about the release. I anticipate it being a great set and they are probably just trying to get it all together.

We have some early 2009 preview information here on the main site.

In the mean time. Check out the history of the set from 2005 - 2008 and you will see that there are plenty of sleepers still around to collect. Seems like every year (Vernon Davis, Chris Johnson) someone breaks out and their Exquisite card values jump through the roof.

We'll keep you posted on when we here something new of the 2009 Exquisite Football release.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A Look at Chris Johnson's UD Exquisite Football Price Jump

Titans RB Chris Johnson had one of the best years of all-time by any running back. He became the 6th NFL running back to rush for over 2,000 yards. He also broke Marshall Faulk's yards from scrimmage mark which Faulk set in 1999 with the St. Louis Rams.

Over at Sports Card Radio we have been taking a look at the price history on ebay of certain members of the 2008 NFL Rookie Draft Class. Here is a look at the data we have collected for Johnson so far:

01/05/2010 $430.00 (3 Clr /199)

01/04/2010 $450.00 (3 Clr /199)

01/03/2010 $432.01 (3 Clr /75)

01/03/2010 $316.55 (2 Clr /199)

01/03/2010 $415.00 (3 Clr /199)

01/02/2010 $357.00 (2 Clr /199)

12/31/2009 $450.00 (3 Clr /199)

12/31/2009 $482.00 (3 Clr /199)

12/29/2009 $400.00 (3 Clr /199)

12/29/2009 $499.99 (3 Clr /199)

12/27/2009 $403.00 (3 Clr /199)

12/11/2009 $375.00 (3 Clr /199)

12/09/2009 $250.00 (2 Clr /199)

12/07/2009 $435.00 (3 Clr Sp /75)

12/07/2009 $400.00 (3 Color /199)

12/05/2009 $400.00 (3 Clr Sp /75)

12/04/2009 $263.87 (2 Clr /199)

12/03/2009 $375.00 (2 Clr Sp /75)

12/03/2009 $350.00 (3 Clr /199)

12/03/2009 $405.00 (3 Clr /199)

12/01/2009 $480.00 (3 Clr Sp /75)

11/28/2009 $280.00 (2 Clr Sp /75)

11/27/2009 $243.50 (3 Color /199)

11/25/2009 $299.00 (3 Clr Sp /75)

11/20/2009 $201.00 (2 Color /199)

11/18/2009 $244.05 (3 Color Patch)

11/18/2009 $210.00 (3 Color Patch)

11/18/2009 $195.00 (2 Color Patch)

11/18/2009 $212.00 (3 Color Patch)

11/18/2009 $227.50 (2 Color Patch)

11/16/2009 $365.00 (SP /75 3 Color Patch)

11/15/2009 $180.00 (2 Color Patch)

11/15/2009 $172.50 (SP /75 1 Color Patch)

11/14/2009 $259.99 (3 Color Patch)

11/12/2009 $202.50 (2 Color Patch)

11/11/2009 $245.00 (3 Color Patch)

11/10/2009 $245.00 (3 Color Patch)

11/09/2009 $146.50 (2 Color Patch)

11/09/2009 $320.00 (SP /75 2 Color Patch)

11/08/2009 $171.38 (SP /75 2 Clr Patch)

11/08/2009 $400.00 (SP /75 3 Clr Patch)

11/07/2009 $140.00 (2 Color Patch - Card was laying out unprotected!)

11/06/2009 $159.99 (2 Color Patch)

Sports Card Radio's Exquisite Football Home Page

2010 Topps Heritage Baseball Hobby Box Preview

2010 or '10 Topps Heritage Baseball reaches baseball collectors in late February but collectors are already taking a look at Topps 2010 offerings. Each box only contains 1 auto or 1 relic card but all autos are On-Card and we like that.

There are some Mickey Mantle, Babe Ruth, and Roger Maris Jersey and Cut Autograph cards if you are lucky enough to pull that kind of mojo!

Be sure to check out our complete review of 2010 Topps Heritage Baseball

Should be an exciting year in baseball!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Sports Card Radio Latest Product Preview & Review

Some interesting products to start 2010 off with a collecting bang. We have tried to review some of them for you!

2009 Playoff Contenders Football Box Review
Some SP Rookie Ticket Checklist speculation and more. Always a fun set, but I think you will see the Rookie Ticket Autograph cards are a little to 'busy' for my taste and it takes away from the autograph. Still a nice set that delivers 4-5 Autographs per box.

2009 Playoff National Treasures Preview
One of the best sets of the football season. Some great patch autograph jersey cards come from these box breaks. We preview this set and it looks to be a great one. Stay tuned for more news as it becomes available.

Be sure to check out our growing section of product news here

Happy New Year Everyone! Looking forward to seeing what cards will be the best in 2010.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

2008 Topps Allen & Ginter TTM Autographs By CubsFan129

Sports Card Radio's Hall of Fame member Cubsfan129 has had a lot of success with TTM autographs. I was taking a look at his photobucket the other day and I noticed how nice the 2008 Allen & Ginter cards looked with an autograph across the front. I decided to take the time and document all Cubsfan129's success. He has a lot of cards up for trade including some of his TTM's so be sure to check out his photobucket.

Check out the complete article here.

NFL MLB NBA Team Address List

Sports Card Radio's Fan Forum TTM Autograph Section

Friday, January 1, 2010

Hobby Wish For 2010

Panini, UD, and Topps to come up with creative ways to buy/sell/trade their products. 

I am not the average collector. The only time I am going to rip into a box of cards is with the intention of giving the cards away. While that puts me in the minority in terms of collecting, it doesn't mean I wouldn't spend some money to build my own personal collection. I've bought hundreds of single Michael Olowokandi cards on ebay so I am not shy, nor do I care, about throwing my money down the drain.

Over the years I've enjoyed buying and selling on websites like The Pit and Etopps. While The Pit is a small community of collectors, the premise behind the website is pure gold. Topps used to own The Pit. They overpaid when they bought the site and lost millions of dollars when they sold it to Naxcom. Which will more then likely prevent them from doing something like it again.

I go and look over at Sports Card Forum, and the trade sections on the site are home to the most popular threads. Sellers like it or not, Ebay is now the place to be for buying/selling Sports Cards. Period. Card Stores and Shows are drying up faster then Tiger's endorsement deals. Walmart and Target only cater to the low end market. Ebay is where it's at if you want to buy and sell. Card stores used to have weekly 'trade nights'- now upstart forums are the place to go to trade. If I were the owner of UD, Topps, or Panini a light bulb would be hovering over my head. I'd want to get a piece of the action. With ebay being the king of buying/selling, I would have no control over the secondary market place where my product was being bought and sold the most. At any moment, Ebay could shut out the low end sports card market by raising fees. Some would argue Ebay already has. Even selling boxes and cases proves to be difficult because most products have a razor thin profit margin. Any hike to ebay seller fees makes that margin even tighter. Just like the hobby stores across America have dried up, so could the sellers on ebay.  If I owned Topps, UD or Panini I would want to have a piece of that secondary market.

It could be done a number of different ways. The easiest would be to try and team up with the people who are already doing it the best. Find creative partnerships with the forums, and blogs from around the web. It also wouldn't hurt to knock on ebay's door every once in a while to see if you can get a slice of their pie- like Topps did with Etopps. There was/is a site on the web where you could buy and sell 'shares' of expensive cards just like shares of stocks on a stock exchange. Meaning I could own a piece of a 1952 Topps Mickey Mantle without having to buy the entire card. I would create a website where the shareholders could vote to cash out and sell the card (perhaps on ebay), so that shareholders could take swift advantage if they wanted to scoop a profit.

Most of the card companies are now saying they are going to go after children to try and revitalize the hobby. That could prove to be very difficult. Check out this Voice of the Collector blog to see why. Kids are a difficult market to reach. If it were me, I would focus on the collecting base that is already there. I would try and find ways to make the collecting experience more dynamic (stock exchange), and also more interactive (by connecting with collectors on the web). If I were working for Topps, UD, or Panini I would be on the popular forums and blogs everyday trying to get a feel for what collectors wanted to see. Maybe they do participate in that manner, but I haven't seen it.

Be sure to visit our website Sports Card Radio.