Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Tyreke Evans PG/SG Sacramento Kings Part II

Take back everything negative I said about Tyreke Evans, Sacramento Kings SG/PG, in an earlier blog post dated October 21, 2009. I actually got to watch the Kings vs. Oklahoma City Thunder game on November 10 which the Kings won 101-98.

The kid can flat out ball. Wow. Tremendous footwork. Above average passer. Seems to already have a grasp on the pick and roll game which is a staple in every NBA teams offense. Great one-on-one player. Maybe one of the best one-on-one players I've seen come into the league in quite awhile. Can play in the half court, and can also lead the break. His long arms allows him to make scoop layups with ease around defenders. As with most young players, his jump shot needs a little work, but that is usually one aspect of NBA players game that gets better over time. Is he Dwayne Wade?  Of course not. Wade, to me, is more athletic, and at this point has a better range on his jump shot. Tyreke's range appears to be inside 20 feet, with the ability to hit the occasional three-pointer. Again, his range should improve over time.

There were times during the game where they would just give Tyreke the ball and watch him go one-on-one with a usually helpless Thunder defender. He got to the hoop with ease. He is able to draw fouls that only the good offensive players get. Wow. Wow. Wow. I STRONGLY suggest getting in on some of his Rookie Cards as soon as possible. He is a Rookie of the Year candidate and will get a lot more attention once people around the league realize this kid can flat out do everything on the court. Once he gets his outside shot going, LOOK OUT!  I will happily eat crow on this one, and have already added him to my fantasy basketball team.

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