Monday, November 9, 2009

Stephen Curry PG/SG Golden State Warriors

You must have lived in a cave to not know what Stephen Curry did while attending Davidson. CBS made him the darling of March Madness. His Father, Dell, had one of the smoothest jump shots I've ever seen. His son is not far behind in the jump shot category.

Stephen is currently starting for the Golden State Warriors. The NCAA leader in scoring last year is finding it hard to find shots on a Warriors team that includes 'me first' players such as Corey Maggette, Stephen Jackson, and Monta Ellis. The thing that surprises me about Curry is how well he can pass the ball. It makes me think that Curry will be able to stick at Point Guard throughout his NBA career. At some point, I think he will also get enough shots up to average in the 15-20 ppg range.

The Warriors aren't going to do much this season. I would also imagine Curry will only put up modest numbers meaning getting an affordable card of his very likely as the season progresses. It's worth the small investment because I could see Curry playing in the league for a long time.

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