Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Tyreke Evans

Been listening to the local Sacramento Radio Station KHTK 1140AM all day.  Now I know they are supposed to hype up the local team. But here are the terms used to describe rookie point guard Tyreke Evans throughout the course of the day.
  • Could be the next Chris Paul.
  • Could be the next Dwayne Wade.
  • Will be an All-Star in his first three seasons in the league.
  • Will win Rookie of the Year. 
  • Could be a Superstar in the league.
Call me a skeptic. I watched the guy play a little bit in Memphis. He is a good player. Takes the ball to the rack. Can score in traffic.  C'mon though. Dwayne Wade? Chris Paul?  I remember watching Wade at Marquette and was blown away. I didn't see much of Paul in college, but I've seen him quite a bit in the NBA and everyone knows what type of skills he has. I wouldn't, at this point, put Tyreke in that class.

Sacramento will try to run this guy at point guard. To me, that is a big mistake. Kind of like when Golden State tried to make Monte Ellis a PG. Didn't work. The Kings don't have a whole lot of three-point shooters, meaning less opportunity for Tyreke to drive and kick out to the open guy.  With Evans trying to be a 'true pg' it might hurt the strength of his game, which is taking it strong to the rack.

What are your thoughts on Mr. Evans?  I will note that I am a huge Lakers fan and will take every opportunity to take swipes at Kings players. So maybe I am missing something here.

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  1. I remember watching Tyreke at Memphis last year, and I thought he looked pretty good. I am not great at scouting NBA players, but I think he might turn out to be decent. But I do agree that it might be stretching it by calling him the next D-Wade or Chris Paul.