Tuesday, September 18, 2012

How To Tell If A Michael Jordan 86/87 Fleer Rookie Is Fake?

I get quite a bit of e-mail, probably because I tell people to contact me on every podcast I do - and my e-mail is pretty easy to find on my website. I've gotten lots of great ideas from collectors - not to mention I usually just publish the responses I give out in the Q&A Mail Bag Section on the main site. I'm a month behind and got a big update coming for that - but wanted to publish something I just got today. While I'm no expert in identifying a fake card, this is just the first step you can take to seeing if your Jordan is real. I would strongly recommend taking it to a local hobby shop - or better yet, just spend a little money (probably less than $30) to send it in to PSA or BGS to be graded. If the card looks like it's in good condition - the added value of a high grade will make the $30 you spent getting it graded seem like pocket change.

Here is what I wrote back just based on what I've heard being around hobby shops my entire life:

The best way to find out is by sending it in to a professional grader, PSA or BGS are the best - and I have outlined a bit of information about that process here:


And Here:


The cost would be around $20 - $50 depending on how fast you want it back.

If you want to examine it yourself - take a magnify glass and inspect the card for "pixel dots" ... back in this day everything was usually printed with dot-matrix type printing and you should see lots of tiny dots that make up the colors on the card. The existence of these printing dots does NOT mean it's authentic - just means it has a better chance at being authentic. Typically fakes are simply xerox copies that can't replicate the pixel dots. The crisper the pixel dots, the more likely it's authentic (or a really good fake).

Next examine the back of the card. Typically fakers will spend less time on the back. The Fleer Logo, and placement of text should all match what authentic copies look like. The colors should be consistent with what you see in authentic copies:

Here is one of the finest condition Jordan RC's on the market and you can compare the coloring on this card with yours with:


Here is a search for all the authentic ones on eBay graded by PSA or BGS - you can see that collectors really pay attention to condition, so be careful handling this card. You can also compare logo colors and text placements with these authentic ones to get a better idea if yours is real.


Lastly, how you acquired the card. Fakers usually sell this card for well under what it should sell for, which is a clear sign it's probably fake.

Hope this helps, hope it's real - this is a very valuable and important card in basketball.

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