Thursday, September 20, 2012

2011 Upper Deck Sweet Spot Autograph #RS-BI Armon Binns #/599

Being a west coast Bengals fan, I don't get to catch a lot of the radio/tv chatter that you might get if your team is in your local market. I rely almost solely on and sometimes twitter to get updates on the team during the week. I remember going to the site early in OTA's and hearing about WR Armon Binns - who was a rookie in 2011, but didn't play (except on the practice squad). The Bengals site reported that Binns looked good, and I think Jay Gruden (the Bengals offensive coordinator) even said something like Binns wasn't going to blow you away with speed, but he ran good routes and had good hands.

That all sounded good to me.

Andy Dalton likes to drop back and once he hits his last step - the ball comes out. So while Binns doesn't have speed like A.J. Green - he suits Dalton's style of getting the ball out quick. I've notice that Binns has caught a few balls in the teams first few games - so he activity has been a bright spot for the team on offense. We'll see how the rest of the year pans out, but I actually picked up a 2011 Upper Deck Sweet Spot Football autograph 'helmet' signature card on shortly after reading Jay Gruden's comments on the Bengals website several months ago. I don't have the card listed for sale, and I only paid $2.00 for it, and I'll either take delivery of it at some point, or if the price gets into the double digits, I might have to sell and buy a different player with the proceeds. There have been lots of micro-movements of players cards going up during the first 2 weeks of the NFL season, and this is just the example on my favorite team.

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