Friday, May 6, 2011

Las Vegas Industry Summit: Good Ideas Part 3 - 'Expired Redemption Day'

I was reminded of this idea when I saw Upper Deck update its Twitter account this morning with a message to a collector & blogger I enjoy following.

Fair enough, after all the redemption cards are expired. However, much talk was made about #1 Why do redemption cards have expiration dates at all?? Don't the companies often take much longer than what's stated on the card to return redemptions to you?? Didn't Upper Deck just send out a SPx Monta Ellis RC Card from 2005/06??

Why do collectors have to hold to a strict time frame, and the manufactures get off high and dry?

Seems pretty unfair to me considering if collectors get the shaft often enough - they stop buying (as many already have over the years)

Its time for all the manufactures to step up and get more clear on Redemption Cards. Its unfair they can take 4+ years to get a 05/06 SPx Autograph to you, but basically say screw you if you pull a redemption card 24 months after it was made.

It doesn't matter if you don't have an MLB license anymore, or Derek Jeter's direct line - the collector would at least feel some satisfaction if these 'expired redemption' cards were worth something.

Expired Redemption Day
Probably the best idea that I heard was having the manufactures make special packs/cards (like they do at the National and All-Star games) and let you come into hobby shops around the country to redeem expired redemption cards for the packs. It would take LOTS of expired redemption cards off people's hands, and probably clear up a few phone lines at the CS department on a daily basis. Considering wages in CA, TX, and NY aren't getting any lower - I'd think this would actually save them money in the long run.

In a recession - everyone is looking to save money, so these filthy dollar stores and Wal-Marts were where to shop. But this country & the rest of the world is on its way back. Consumers are going to start demanding better service first, instead of long lines, rude customer service members and overall lack of caring. If you continue to avoid an issue with your customer base, it will come back to haunt you.

If I were in charge of Topps, Panini or Upper Deck - I'd worry less about who was the first with a video card, and who will be the first to clearly address expired redemption cards, how long it takes to get them back to the paying customers, what to do when a player(s) don't/can't sign, and clearly stating that on my website & in as many places as I can find because most average collectors might not know.


I'm doing my part, but I'm just one voice - make yours heard below ... you'd be surprised to see the changes if enough people speak up.



Upper Deck:


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