Monday, March 28, 2011

Las Vegas Industry Summit: Good Ideas Part 2 - 'Redemption Incentive'

In the next series of posts I will try and recall all the interesting ideas I heard from hobby shop owners, manufactures and others that attended the Industry Summit in Las Vegas, NV last week. If you think its a good idea, or bad one ... let us know in the comments or by posting your own blog about the subject. Send me a link and I'll post it here as well.

(Please Note: I'll have posts on expired redemptions later - and the kinds of things you might be able to do when you pull an expired redemption. This post is more for current/non-expired redemption cards. I honestly think something needs to be done about expired redemption pulls, so stay tuned for that)

Redemption Card Incentive
No one likes getting a redemption card, even if its for Kobe Bryant or Adrian Peterson. People that open boxes or packs on a regular basis are bound to have dozens they have to send in over the course of a year.

What if you got something in return for all those redemption cards you sent in ... on top of the cards you were promised? Think of those restaurant cards you get stamped when you buy a meal and you get a 'free entree' if you buy 5 of them ... something like that, except for redemption cards. Say for example for every 10 redemption cards you send in, you get a free pack of cards .. something like that.

Its tough for the companies to know what would be 'fair value' for something like this. If you think its a good idea - try to be as specific as possible on what cards, packs, boxes, cases, autographs, jersey cards you would be expecting if you sent in 10, 20, 30+ redemption cards over a year. Should it depend on the 'quality of redemption card' you send in (for example a Kobe Bryant Autograph) or should they all be counted the same? You decide. Maybe they can give you a Voucher for special cards/packs you can redeem at Hobby Stores around the country .... give them ideas.

If you like this idea, share it on forums, write a blog, tell your card store owner, and certainly tell the companies you'd like to see this option. They will at least listen to everything you have to say - I promise.



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