Thursday, December 10, 2009

Pacific Tigers vs. Cal Bears 12/9/2009

Went to my first college basketball game of the year last night. It also happened to be the largest crowd (8,704) ever to witness a college hoops game in Stockton, CA. The enthusiastic crowd couldn't help the under-sized and over matched Tigers who lost to Cal 79-54.

It's too bad UOP couldn't buy a jump shot the entire game. If they'd made just a few more open shots, it would have been a competitive game. Cal didn't impress me. The Tigers were able to get open looks all game, but just couldn't hit them. There are a couple Tigers teams from several years ago that would have beaten the Cal team I saw last night.

Here are some names off the Cal team that I think have a chance to make it to the next level. Not sure where they rank in terms of NBA Draft prospects, but these guys certainly have the skills to make it:

PATRICK CHRISTOPHER. Dude had 22 points and 10 rebounds. Looked to be about 6-5'. Nice NBA body. Can hit the mid range jump shot. This guy looked good.

JEROME RANDLE. Dang, this guy is really quick. I mean, really, really quick. Had some traveling calls on him that won't be called in the NBA. He is very small, which will hurt him. Not a great passer, he was more or less looking for his own shot. Might fit as a backup PG in the league.

MAX ZHANG. This guy is 7-3". Not the most mobile big guy, but can move a bit. Good touch on his shot. Aside from Christopher, he was the guy who impressed me the most. He had very modest numbers: 6 points 3 Rebounds and 3 Blocks, in just 10 minn. of action, but clearly the skill set is there.

Most of the Cal guys are "me first" so dumping it into the post to a guy who is 7-3" against a UOP team that was guarding him with a guy who was 6-8" must not have occurred to them. This guy will most definitely make the NBA just because of his size. I think he is a Sophomore, so he might still have some room to get better.


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