Sunday, October 25, 2009

NFL Week 7 Matchups

New England Patriots
Tampa Bay Bucks

Gotta go with the Pats. They looked unreal last week, should be a blowout.

Green Bay Packers
Cleveland Browns

The Browns actually played the Steelers tough last week. I'm picking Cleveland with the upset.

SF 49ers
Houston Texans

San Francisco doesn't have the offense to keep up with Houston. Texans by 14

Minnesota Vikings
Pittsburgh Steelers

Minnesota has won some games they probably shouldn't. The steel curtain comes down on them this week. Pittsburgh by 6.

Indianapolis Colts
St. Louis Rams

Colts in a blowout.

San Diego Chargers
Kansas City Chiefs

I'm going SD. The Chiefs really aren't too bad, this one could go either way.

Buffalo Bills
Carolina Panthers

Wouldn't watch this game if you paid me. Picking Carolina if they stick to the run.

New York Jets
Oakland Raiders

The more drama, the more the Raiders win. Just win baby...two in a row for Oakland.

Atlanta Falcons
Dallas Cowboys

Tony Romo was playing better when Jessica Simpson was his girlfriend. This week he'll rekindle some of that old magic and beat the Falcons in a shootout.

Chicago Bears
Cinncinatti Bengals

Of course I pick the Bengals. But this game will come down to turnovers.

New Orleans Saints
Miami Dolphins

Gotta go with NO but this one could be close. Miami is kinda sneaky and they are running the ball well. Drew Brees and the Saints running game will be too much to handle.

Arizona Cardinals
New York Giants

New York got roughed up last week. I think they come home and play like a championship caliber team this week. Ahmad Bradshaw has been playing very well.

Philadelphia Eagles
Washington Redskins

Well, the Skins coach at least knows he has a job. The Eagles are embarrassed after last week. Tough game to pick. I think the Eagles bounce back and pull this one out.

Have fun watching the games!

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  1. Nice picks, except I think NO is going to beat MIA by a lot. I also am going with MIN over PIT.