Thursday, January 21, 2010

Is Upper Deck Trying To Go Broke?

When I first heard about the Upper Deck - Konami/Yu-Gi-Oh lawsuit I figured things were about to get bad for UD. Real bad. First they lost out on the Baseball license to Topps. Now Konami is standing in line for their payday.

The story gets better.  Now, rumor has it, UD is going to release their 2010 Baseball line using MLB logo's. Riiiiiiigggghhhhhttttt. Guess they didn't care about losing the MLBPA rights deal to Topps, cause they were just going ignore the deal anyways.  Why didn't they just ignore the rookie card logo rule too?

Now I am starting to wonder what the real deal is.  They must have the Chapter 11 papers all printed up, just waiting for the right time. With whispers of UD owing $100 million to the IRS, they are probably just playing russian roulette by using MLB logos. 

Some collectors even seem to think (in the comments section) that Upper Deck might release some of the baseball product, and then have to pull it off the shelves. Thus creating a short print set on their way out the door. I wouldn't buy into it. With how shady their business has become, I'd be wary of any UD product right now.


  1. This whole UD thing is very weird. But, at least people are talking about them, right?

    Bad press is still better than no press - or something like that.

  2. Super short print set



  3. That is true Sooz, and if UD is indeed on the verge of bankruptcy, any kind of boost to sales couldn't hurt.

  4. Upper Deck may be soliciting for sets that will not be produced or very limited. Thus, there management can get all there money now and then file the bankruptcy papers.